If you are lucky enough to be buying a new home that has trees close to it, your mortgage provider or insurance provider may ask you to provide a professional tree assessment report. You shouldn’t worry about this. The vast majority of trees do not pose a hazard. Also, having trees in your garden can add a sense of maturity as well as a myriad of other benefits including:

  • they look great!
  • they provide attractive fruit, flowers, nuts and leaves
  • screening from roads, pavements and neighbours
  • shading from hot sun
  • wind diffusion
  • pollution capture
  • oxygen release
  • habitat and food for birds, insects and other animals
  • flood prevention

The tree survey for mortgage or insurance should be carried out by a properly qualified arborist. The mortgage or insurance tree report will detail the condition of the trees and provide prioritised recommendations for work. It will also highlight any current or potential issues of nuisance that may result from the trees. Nuisances can include obstruction of CCTV, damage to telephone wires, interference with public highways and damage to structures.

Arbor Vitae are highly qualified and knowledgeable. We can provide you with a quick turnaround professional report that will satisfy your mortgage lender or insurance provider. You will also have the added comfort of having satisfied your ‘duty of care’ and knowing the condition of your trees.