Professional tree inspections are often vital to architects and home-owners. Our tree inspection service is aimed primarily at tree-owners who want to know if their trees may pose a potential threat to persons or property.

Is your tree a hazard?

It is the tree-owner’s legal ‘Duty of Care’ to others to have their trees professionally inspected and the recommended work carried out.

AVA’s tree inspection experts can thoroughly inspect your trees to ascertain tree condition and safety concerns and provide a full report of remedial works to ensure that you maintain your duty of care.

The benefits of Tree Inspection

Often, the recommended tree surgery or other works will help to ensure that the tree’s life is extended; for example, an exposed limb that is shortened will be less likely to break in high wind or snow, and so the tree will not suffer a massive wound.

A minimum of 5 years between professional tree inspections is recommended by the UK Government.

Ask an expert

It is vital to employ a properly trained and experienced arborist to inspect your trees, as a tree surgeon may not be fully competent to assess the biomechanical and physiological symptoms of biological or mechanical defects. The knowledge and experience of a qualified arborist ensures an understanding of the visual symptoms of incipient tree failure, based on the context of the tree, and will allow appropriate management recommendations to be made.

Mike Charkow (Senior Arborist at Arbor Vitae Arboriculture) is an experienced tree surgeon and holds the LANTRA Professional Tree Inspector Certificate, boasting an excellent knowledge of potential tree hazards and how to remedy them.

AVA’s tree inspections include a fully referenced report containing tabulated information that is easy to follow. Remedial tree work recommendations are prioritised to allow you to plan the work and to budget accordingly.

We are insured for £100K Public Indemnity.

Please contact Arbor Vitae Arboriculture for further information.