As part of the planning process, architects and developers often require a pre-development survey of trees on the site, more commonly known as a BS5837 survey.

Why do you need a BS5837 survey?

Working from a CAD-type drawing with accurate tree locations, BS5837 surveys are designed to collect accurate data for each tree, assess their condition and categorise them according to their quality, which is based on condition, and their arboricultural, ecological and cultural significance.

This process will mainly concern architects and developers, but can also apply to home-owners who are planning property improvements or development.

AVA’s professional tree consultants use the latest technology to capture data on site, and to provide you with easily-digested information that will enable the safe and systematic management of your trees – before, during and post development.

Plan ahead with professional help

It is advised that a BS5837 survey is carried out prior to any development design, as the presence of trees on a site can cause constraints for the design. Find out more on the British Standards website.

Our CAD enabled software accurately plots trees with their identifiers and root protection zones, providing information that can then be easily used by the architect to design around the trees. A full report with relevant data and plans (available in DWG and DXF format) will be provided, in order to aid you in decision making.

Associated tree services and reports

We also provide detailed tree reports to mitigate for conflict between trees and development work, including:

Working around trees can lead to conflicts with tree roots. We provide an Air-Spade service, which allows trenches and holes to be dug without harming the tree roots.

We also provide an Arboricultural Clerk of Works service, providing on-site support and advice for working with conflicts with trees.  Trees are important in new developments as they provide a softening effect, and they lend a sense of maturity.

Retention of trees can have multiple benefits including a sense of maturity and softening of the landscape, summer cooling, rainwater retention and lower crime rate.

Please contact Arbor Vitae Arboriculture for further information.