Arboricultural services for residential property & community spaces

Tree inspections are vital for a broad spectrum of safety and environmental issues. All tree owners are obliged to carry out inspections to meet their “duty of care” (Occupiers Liability Act 1984).

Arborists and consultants at Arbor Vitae Arboriculture work with many land-owners, home-owners and community projects in and around Edinburgh, to provide services from tree inspections for hazard assessment or mortgage surveys to tree planting and management.

Tree Inspections & Surveys

An arboricultural survey is a process of locating and recording trees that may be at risk of causing harm or damage, in both residential and commercial circumstances. The survey collects information that is then documented in a tree report, which details qualified recommendations regarding the trees.

Tree surveys by Arbor Vitae Arboriculture include prioritised recommendations for remedial works.

Tree inspections and surveys can also be carried out when requested by mortgage lenders and insurance companies.

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Bats in Trees Inspection

Thorough inspections for bats in trees, as required by law prior to any tree surgery or felling. Bats are a highly protected and threatened species and wilful or negligent destruction of bats or their habitat can carry a heavy penalty.

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Tree Planting & Consultancy

Professional tree planting, advice and after-care, to ensure your trees will thrive in their new or existing environment.

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Please also see: Soil De-compaction (Air Spade) | Root Excavation (Air Spade) | Woodland Design & Management

All tree owners, residential and commercial, should have their trees professionally inspected regularly. Arbor Vitae Arboriculture can provide you with recommended re-inspection timescales based on the risk rating of the tree.

A qualified and experienced arborist will fully comprehend the symptoms of incipient tree failure and provide appropriate management recommendations, whereas as a tree surgeon may not be fully competent to assess the biological or mechanical defects. A professional tree inspector should also have Professional Indemnity insurance. Find out more in our blog: Tree Surgeon vs Arborist

Make sure you protect your premises and visitors by ensuring regular professional inspection and assessment of your trees.

Professional tree services for the construction industry, by qualified arborists

Tree inspections are vital during the planning process, to ascertain any constraints caused by tree placement and assess the likely impact of trees, both during development and after construction.

Our professional arborists and consultants work with many architects and developers in and around Edinburgh, providing BS5837 tree surveys and a range of tree inspections and services that will help to ensure successful completion of their construction project.

BS5837 (Pre-development) Tree Surveys

A detailed arboricultural study that provides a full stock-take of trees in areas that may be affected by a proposed development. The survey records all relevant dimensions, condition and the ecological and cultural significance of each tree. A clear easy-to-digest document is then provided detailing tree condition with recommended works and potential conflicts. We can also provide an Arboricultural Clerk of Works for construction works near trees.

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Please see further Tree Reports: Arboricultural Implication Assessment, Arboricultural Method Statement and Tree Protection Plan

Bats in Trees Inspections

Required by law prior to any commercial development, as willful or negligent disturbance of bats or destruction of their roosts is a criminal offence. Our inspections for bats in trees are highly detailed and professional, in preparation for BS8596. We carry out ground-based ‘bat potential’ inspections as well as more thorough ground- and aerial-inspections of trees for bats using an endoscope.

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Tree Planting & Consultancy

Ensure the best possible care for your trees or woodland, either as a one-off consultation or an on-going concern. Our professional tree services include planting, advice and after-care, and consultation regarding the species most likely to thrive in your specific environment.

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Woodland Design & Management

Professional design and management of woodlands, orchards, formal gardens and urban areas for a range of purposes such access, aesthetics, ecology, production of timber or fruit, or water management to prevent flooding.

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Soil De-compaction

Tree death from compacted soil is both quick and irremediable. The health of trees on development sites – where soil has been compacted by machinery, stored materials or pedestrians – can be improved and prolonged with our Air Spade©.

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Root Excavation

Air Spade© is one of the most careful methods of tree root investigation, often used to assess potentially diseased trees or uncover and map roots during development or landscaping works.

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Consultants at AV Arboriculture have each undergone rigorous training to achieve the high level of knowledge and experience that should be expected from a professional arborist.
Find out more in our blog: Tree Surgeon vs Arborist

Having gained his tree surgery qualifications in 2004, owner and Senior Arborist, Mike Charkow, now offers his broad spectrum of arboricultural qualifications and experience to help you protect and manage your trees for the prosperous future of your investments.

Contact us today for advice regarding any aspect of your trees or woodland environment.

We will be happy to provide references and examples at your request, and look forward to developing a professional relationship with your business.