You may be aware of the updated data protection regulations known as GDPR.

As a past or present customer or supplier, we keep certain information pertaining to you on file, including contact name, address, email, website and telephone numbers. This information is kept on one encrypted internal hard drive and one encrypted external hard drive.

Your information will never be shared with a third party unless you consent to it. Your information will never be made public, except where it appears on reports or correspondence that are published in the public domain (for example local authority planning websites).

You have the right to request from us exactly what information we store. You also have the right to request that any of this information is deleted.

Should you wish to pursue any of these requests, contact Mike Charkow at, on 07917335066 or by post at 2/3 Keir Street, Edinburgh EH3 9EU.

Please find our full GDPR: Data Privacy Policy for Clients & Suppliers here.

Find out more about the new regulations on the EU GDPR Potral.

Please also refer to our Cookie Policy.