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Play this new addictive and educational forestry strategy game by PROTREE.  You will learn what it takes to manage a forest.  It looks great and is easy to learn, so perfect for kids and tree lovers.

In the game, you are given a tutorial so that you can learn the rules and how to navigate around the scenarios.  The navigation bar includes buttons for tree planting.  Different trees have different costs, yields, risks and habitat types.  There are also buttons for felling and for healing infected trees.

Also included is a handy encyclopaedia which contains the relevant information needed for the game.

The pre-set games contain real-life scenarios.  There include restoring a declining forest, restoring diversity, and repopulating a forest ravaged with disease. Additionally, you can create your own forest from scratch.

Tree planting costs credits; tree felling gains credits.  However you also have to spend credits on outbreaks of pests and diseases, as well as controlling browsing deer and sheep.

Caledon is a timely educational game that covers the basics of forestry management.  Players learn about common forestry trees, the pests and diseases that affect them and the economics of forestry.

Caledon has a fun and attractive graphics and the intuitive interface.  It is an easy game to pick up, and quite addictive.  You won’t even notice that you are learning as you play.

Highly recommended!

Tree game

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