Tree Planting

Arbor Vitae Arboriculture truly enjoy planting trees. We take great satisfaction in the knowledge that we have planted far more trees than we will ever cut down. We have plentiful experience and training in how best to plant trees and each year, we plant a varying number of trees anywhere from 1-5 metres high. One […]

Bats In Trees

The British Standards Institute has announced that a new standard for inspecting trees for bats will be introduced over the next year (BS8596). Arbor Vitae Arboriculture are ahead of the game somewhat, in that we already carry out highly detailed and professional inspections of trees for bats. Having gained his qualification to inspect trees for […]

Soil Decompaction

Tree roots need access to oxygen and water in order for the tree to survive. Building and development sites can be particularly prone to compacted soil, which prevents filtration of air and water to the tree roots and the tree will rapidly suffer. The cause of soil compaction is often the movement of vehicles and […]

Ash Limb Failure

A fungal fruiting body of the fungus Dryad’s Saddle (Polyporous squamosus) had been evident for several years prior to the limb failure. This is usually a localised decay, however the extent of decay plus the mass of the limb led to a spectacular failure, ripping a large area of living tissue from the tree: the […]

Windblown Cherry

This mature Gean (Wild Cherry; Prunus avium) was on the receiving end of 103 mph winds in January 2012. It had some structural weaknesses that finally failed with the extreme weather. Luckily there was no damage to either of the adjacent houses. Trees are much more likely to fail unpredictably under such extreme weather events. […]

Cambridge Sycamore

This tree has had a partial branch failure in the past, and as a result it was bolted to hold the limbs together. The bolting was successful as the tree has put on sufficient wood to hold the limbs together. Appropriate intervention at the appropriate time will usually lead to the retention of important trees. […]