Tree Surgery Land Rover for Sale

Land Rover 130

Arbor Vitae Professional Tree Surgery is selling it’s trusty Land Rover 130 2.5 litre TDi. This is a work horse, and a very sought after vehicle, which is becoming ever more rare.  Asking price: £4,500. Please click through the gallery below for further images or go to the eBay site for the advert. For more photographs, please go […]

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Chalara update

The Current Situation Chalara fraxinea (now known as Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) has now been found in 162 10 km squared plots across Scotland (Forestry Commission), or 14.8{27b0ca1a9d405da81e7a6040e78a3682723dd2328d331b32ec3e44d9dd0c7d66} of the land mass.  It is acknowledged that nothing can prevent spread of the disease, however more and more is understood about the fungus. Genetic Resistance Chalara can quickly overcome young […]

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Summer Forum programme published « Ancient Tree Forum

Veteran Tree

AVA Ltd support the work of the Ancient Tree Forum.  Arboricultural consultants, tree surgeons, foresters, land owners, planners and developers should all be aware of the incredible ecological, cultural and aesthetic value of veteran trees.  Veteran trees can be home to many types of life, including fungi, insects, birds, bats, epiphytes, lichens, moss and mammals – sometimes […]

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Trees and the Law in Scotland Seminar

On 30th June at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, nearly 100 delegates were treated to a day’s seminar titled Trees and the Law in Scotland, organised by the Scottish Branch of the Arboricultural Association. The speakers – Jeremy Barrell and Dr Charles Mynors – were in good form, managing to be both entertaining and highly informative. […]

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