AV Arboriculture offer tree inspections, reports and BS5837 surveys, inspection for bats in trees, plus consultancy regarding tree care and protection, soil de-compaction and root excavation. We also provide work specifications for contractors and tree planting and management services.

Working with a broad range of corporate and domestic clients across Scotland, our arborists and tree experts are able to provide advice on any aspect of your trees.

Owned by Mike Charkow, a climbing arborist with over 10 years of tree surgery and consultancy experience, AV Arboriculture is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and professional advisory service. All our work is guided by industry best practice and the latest developments in arboricultural research. Mike has gained the LANTRA Professional Tree Inspection certificate, Level 4 qualification in Arboriculture, and has attended many tree-related seminars and conferences including an expert tree consultants week in Germany with the world renowned tree biomechanics expert, Professor Klaus Mattheck.

Mike also manages Arbor Vitae Professional Tree Services, Edinburgh’s premier tree surgery provider.

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